With your home security system and the plug-in dimmer module, You can now control your lamps at home no matter where you are.

This simple accessory gives you more control over your home by allowing you to remotely control any lamp plugged into the module. Connected through your control panel, you can turn on, turn off, and dim the lamp with your home security app. Simply plug in the module, plug in the lamp, and you’re all set.

The plug-in dimmer is easy-to-use, and a helpful addition to your current security system. Whether you’re stuck at the office or on vacation, you never have to worry about the lights in your house again.

  • Description

    – Remotely control and check status of lamps

    – Turn on, off, or dim your lamp from anywhere

    – Space efficient, the module does not block lower outlet or interfere with furniture placement

  • Specs

    – Network wide inclusion

    – One controlled and one pass-through outlet

    – Maximum load: Incandescent 300W, 120 VAC