There seems to be no guaranteed way to prevent flooding in your home, but now you can now know when it begins and take care of it right away.

Flood sensors are integrated into your security system, and you will receive a notification when the presence of water is detected for more than three minutes. With the external flood probe, the sensor can also detect what type of water is present.

Always be prepared by adding a flood sensor to your home security system, and have your home completely taken care of with one service.

  • Description

    – Sends a signal when standing water is detected for 3 minutes

    – Sends a signal if the presence of liquid is no longer detected

    – Detects whether it’s clean or dirty fresh water, salt water, or tap water

    – Sends alerts if temperature rises above 84°F or drops below 42°

  • Specs

    – Lithium battery

    – Tamper proof