With glass break sensors, you’ll be alerted when a burglar attempts to break in through a window or glass door.

The glass break sensor can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and has a 15 foot, 360° detection radius so you can cover multiple windows at once. The monitor uses “thump & crash” technology in order to detect breaking glass, and reduce false alarms.

Including additional sensors in your home could monitor almost all of your windows, so you’ll always be fully covered.

  • Description

    – Can be mounted on wall or ceiling to cover multiple windows at once

    – Uses “thump & crash” technology to detect breaking glass, and reduce false alarms

    – Sends a notification when broken glass is detected

    – Fully monitored, just like the rest of your home

  • Specs

    – 15 ft. detection radius

    – 360° range

    – Tamper protected